High Hampton Inn, Cashiers, North Carolina

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Cashiers North Carolina is rich in history and tradition. One of the gems of the area is the High Hampton Inn located on 107 South, just a few minutes from the crossroads in Cashiers. The property features fine accomodations, dining, a public golf course, and many other amenities. Our friends and clients often ask us about the High Hampton and its history, so here is a brief descripton and how it all began courtesy of www.highhamptoninn.com.

The History of High Hampton

High Hampton Inn in Cashiers, NC has been a summer retreat and place of Southern hospitality since the
early 19th century. The Hampton’s, an aristocratic South Carolina planter family, traveled by train from
Columbia to Greenville and then by horse and buggy up the rough mountain roads to Cashiers. The
Hamptons and their friends came each summer to escape the heat and mosquitoes that plagued them in
Columbia and Charleston. They enjoyed fishing in the crystal clear mountain streams, riding fine horses
through the lush green forests, and sitting on the porch of the Hampton Cottage sipping mint juleps and
feasting on freshly cooked game and tender mountain trout.

One of the most famous members of the Hampton family, Wade Hampton III (1818-1902), purchased the
property from the Zachary family. Mordecai Zachary, whose nearby home, is being restored by the
Cashiers Historical Society, helped Wade Hampton build the Hampton Hunting Lodge. The family
referred to their estate as the “Hampton Place” or “The Valley” and built The Church of the Good
Shepherd (located directly across the road), as well as the school for the mountain children (now the
Schoolhouse Cottage), located just north of the church.

Prior to the Civil War, Wade Hampton was considered one of the wealthiest men in the South. Although
he was not in favor of secession and had already freed his own slaves, he used much of his wealth to raise
a cavalry regiment, which he led into battle throughout the Civil War. By May 1862, after being
wounded at the Battle of Seven Pines, he was promoted to brigadier general. After the battle of
Gettysburg in 1863, he was promoted to major general.

Exhausted and financially and emotionally drained, General Wade Hampton returned to his beloved
mountain retreat after the war in the late summer of 1865. His brother Frank and son Preston has perished
in the war. The mountains gave him strength to carry on. In 1876, while sitting on the porch of the
Hampton Hunting Lodge, he received news that he had been elected governor of South Carolina. He later
served as a U.S. Senator during the difficult Reconstruction years.

At some point in 1880s, the property was transferred to the three unmarried sisters of Wade Hampton. In
1890, Caroline Hampton (1861-1922), a niece of Wade Hampton and the three maiden aunts, married Dr.
William Stewart Halsted (1852-1922). Halsted was a chief surgeon at the newly opened Johns Hopkins
Hospital in Baltimore who was famous for his superior surgical techniques and a pioneer in the use of
anesthesia. Caroline had completed nursing school in New York City in 1889 and subsequently joined
the staff of Johns Hopkins, where she met Dr. Halsted while serving as his scrub nurse in the operating

Caroline had enjoyed many happy times with her uncle hunting, fishing, and riding on the family estate.
The newlyweds honeymooned at the Hampton Hunting Lodge. Dr. Halsted became enthralled by the
beauty of the land and purchased the High Hampton estate from Caroline’s aunts. He renamed it “High
Hampton” after the title of his family’s ancestral estate in England, which was named “High Halsted.”
The Halsteds greatly enhanced the beauty of the estate by planting exotic trees and shrubs, most of which
are still thriving on the front lawn of the Inn. They came from Baltimore each summer to enjoy a respite
from the hot weather and spent their time gardening, raising a superior collection of dahlias, reading,
pursuing an amateur interest in astronomy, and acquiring more land. They also farmed and kept hogs,
cattle, and of course horses, as Mrs. Halsted was a true Hampton and outstanding horsewoman.
Several area residents remember visiting the Halsteds. The late Newell Wright described High Hampton
as “the most beautiful place in the country.” His grandfather, Marion Wright, did a lot of work for Mrs.
Halsted. Marion used to bring Newell to see Mrs. Halsted on Sundays, and they enjoyed lunch or dinner
at the Halsted’s “great big house” many times.

Madge Dilliard Merrell’s parents also took her to visit the Halsteds. With an uncanny memory, Madge
remembered many details about the Halsted family and their home. She recalled Mrs. Halsted’s
abruptness and frankness as well as her dress, which tended to be more masculine than clothing worn by
most mountain ladies at that time. Madge remembered the Halsted’s home being “peculiar” because they
had big comfortable couches and chairs, so different from the traditional mountain furniture.
Large fireplaces made the home nice and warm, and dachshunds (Mrs. Halsted took them everywhere)
were around the living room on brown baskets. The grounds had quince trees, beautiful dahlias, and big
flocks of guineas “hollerin’.”

Dr. Halsted’s connection with Johns Hopkins proved to be beneficial for several of Madge’s relatives.
Nannie Zachary, Madge’s great aunt, was treated for cancer there and lived a long life. Lynch Dilliard,
Madge’s brother, rode to Baltimore on the train to have his tonsils removed. From the correspondence
between Dr. Halsted and Doug Bradley, the Halsted’s head gardener and caretaker, as well as his concern
regarding the Dilliard’s health, it is evident that Dr. Halsted took a great interest in the well-being of
many of the local Cashiers residents.
After Dr. and Mrs. Halsted both died in 1922 and left no heirs, the Halsted Estate was for sale. Mr. E.L.
McKee, a Sylva, NC, businessman and industrialist, and his family decided to take a detour on their way
to the former Fairfield Inn in Sapphire to meet Governor Morrison, who was vacationing in the area. As
soon as Mr. McKee saw the beautiful grounds, spacious Halsted Cottage, and historic Hampton Hunting
Lodge, he made plans to buy the property.

The late Mr. William D. McKee, Sr. son of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. McKee and subsequent owner of the Inn,
remembered that day well. While Doug Bradley showed Mr. and Mrs. McKee the Estate, one of Doug’s
sons, Lem, took William (Bill) and his younger brother Lyndon fishing. Bill caught his first mountain
trout in the large spring, which now feeds Hampton Lake.

So began a long relationship between the McKees and the land that was treasured by the Hampton’s and
the Halsteds. When Mr. and Mrs. E.L. McKee purchased the property, they constructed a two-story inn
and soon after a golf course and tennis court. The McKee’s restored an old farmhouse on the property,
the Nancy Cottage, which they often visited on weekends and holidays, and more frequently during the
summer. Mrs. E.L. McKee (Gertrude Dills) was North Carolina’s first female state senator, and the
couple entertained many fellow legislators, friends and family members at the Inn.

On May 15, 1932, a fire started in a closed flue of the Halsted Cottage and quickly spread to the nearby
Hampton Hunting Lodge and the Inn, destroying all of the buildings and their historic contents. Lillian
Bradley Hyatt, who was living in a home near the Upper Zachary Cemetery, remembers the ashes falling
on her as the fire blazed over half a mile away.

Construction of a new inn and several cottages began in the fall of 1932. In the height of the Depression,
20 men, including contractor Joe Wright, managed to complete the project by May 1933. The new Inn,
built on the site of the Hampton Hunting Lodge, was larger than the original Inn, had three stories, a
majestic four-sided fireplace, and was covered with chestnut bark, making it naturally insect-resistant.
Since Mr. E.L. McKee had several other business interests in Sylva, he did not actually run the Inn
himself. He hired Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lewis of Virginia as managers. Marjorie Harrison Lewis first
came to the area to help start a girls’ camp in nearby Sapphire. The camp is now known as Camp Merrie-
Woode. Frank and Marjorie Lewis ran the Inn like clockwork until their retirement in 1955. They also
found time to help in the Cashiers community. The Lewis’ were instrumental in helping to restore The
Church of the Good Shepherd and also helped start the Cashiers Thrift Shop, whose funds helped build
and maintain the Cashiers Community Center.

When their parents purchased the Halsted Estate, Bill was nine years old and Lyndon was eight. Bill and
Lyndon began working at the Inn at a very young age. Bill’s first job was selling Cokes and items in the
lobby shop, including perfume, a hot seller according to Bill. As they grew older, Bill and Lyndon
worked on the front desk. As part of his job, Bill rode to town on horseback to take the mail and to get
change from various merchants, as there were no banks in Cashiers.
After both Bill and Lyndon graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received
MBA’s from Harvard Business School, they pursued different careers. Bill worked on Wall Street and
later for Southern Bell in Charlotte. Lyndon served as vice-president of Wachovia Bank and Trust
Company in Asheville. He and his wife Ernestine and their three children Ann, Lyndon and William
came to High Hampton every weekend and spent their summers staying in the Nancy Cottage. As the
children came of age, they also began working at the Inn.

In the late 1940s, Bill McKee returned from Charlotte and began helping his father with various business
interests. His mother Gertrude died in 1948. When his father died in 1952, Bill became much more
involved with the operation of High Hampton. He was named president of High Hampton Inc., with
Lyndon serving as vice-president until his untimely death in 1961 at the age of 46. Lyndon’s children
acquired 600 acres of the High Hampton Estate and built the prestigious Wade Hampton Golf Club, just
south of High Hampton.

In 1958, Bill married Lily Byrd of Asheville, NC, and they had a son William Dills McKee, Jr. “Little
Will”, as he was affectionately called, grew up running around the Inn. Once Will was old enough, he
began working in many different capacities, including bus boy, teen room manager and maintenance crew
worker. After graduation from the Cornell School of Hotel Management in 1982, Will returned to High
Hampton to work with his father. Today, Will carries on the family tradition of his father and

What began as the Hampton’s retreat in the 1830s continues as a haven today, more than 170 years later.
Guests from many different states and countries find a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of
everyday life while vacationing at the Inn. The cool mountain breezes continue to blow and refresh just
as they did in Wade Hampton’s time. High Hampton still boasts Southern hospitality at its finest with
Will McKee and his staff meeting and greeting guests on a daily basis. The kitchen continues to provide
traditional High Hampton fare, such as famous fried chicken, fresh mountain trout and mouth-watering
desserts. In these complicated times, it is refreshing to find a place where very little changes, except the


Summer Temperatures in the Western North Carolina Mountains

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Many people buy a mountain home to escape the intense heat of the summer, assuming that just being in the mountains will ensure that the summer weather is cool. This is not always the case.

We often speak to disillusioned homeowners who now realize that they bought a home in the wrong location after enduring their first mountain summer with weather well into the mid to high 80s, or even 90s. Don’t be one of them!

The chart below shows average high temperatures in July for a number of popular mountain towns, as well as some other vacation destinations in the Southeastern US for comparison purposes.

Keep in mind that on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the high temperatures listed below only last for a few hours in the height of the afternoon. For example, if the high in Cashiers for the day was 78 degrees, the morning and late afternoon would likely be in the low 70s, the evening would be in the high 60s, and overnight it would drop into the low 60s. Perfect!

Unfortunately for those in lower altitudes, the hottest part of the day can last much longer than it does here.

Average HIGH Temperatures in July (in Degrees Farenheit)

Cashiers, NC   78
Highlands, NC   78
Lake Glenville, NC   78
Lake Toxaway, NC   79
Sapphire, NC   79
Maggie Valley, NC   81
Waynesville, NC   83
Asheville, NC   84
Franklin, NC   85
Gatlinburg, TN   85
Murphy, NC   86
Virginia Beach, VA 87
Blue Ridge, GA   88
Knoxville, TN   88
Raleigh, NC   88
Atlanta, GA   89
Charleston, SC   89
Greenville, SC   89
Lake Lure, NC   89
Charlotte, NC   90
Lake Norman, NC   90
Palm Beach, FL   90
Naples, FL   91
Orlando, FL   92
Savannah, GA   92


Weather information provided by Weather.com.


Highlands North Carolina Visitor’s Guide and Video Tour

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Highlands, North Carolina has served as a showcase for the change of seasons for many families in the Southeastern United States for well over a century. A caravan of cars drives through the historic Main Street district during the summer months to enjoy the mild temperatures of the high elevations, and during the fall months to gaze in awe at the show of colors as the leaves change on the hardwood trees that line the mountain range. Downtown Highlands is a collection of quaint inns, upscale shops and renowned eateries that serve as a draw for vacationers from nearby South Carolina and Georgia. For additional information about homes and land available for sale in Highlands, please contact Silver Creek Real Estate Group at info@ncliving.com or give us a call at 828.743.1999. We look forward to hearing from you. For a video tour, click on the following link: Highlands, NC Video Tour. Isn’t it time for you discover Highlands, North Carolina and our cool summer temperatures? We think it is, so call or email us today!


Cashiers, NC – Visitors & Real Estate Guide

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Visitor’s Guide for Cashiers, North Carolina

Cashiers, North Carolina is one of the Southeast’s premier resort destinations. Widely known for its amazing atmosphere, unique culture, upscale shopping and world-class dining, the historic village of Cashiers has been a haven for vacationing families for well over a century. Drawn to the natural beauty of the area and mild temperatures that accompany elevations of over 3,500 feet above sea level, countless visitors have selected Cashiers as their vacation spot of choice and keep returning, year after year.

For those who live here year round, breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains continue to astound, the scents of wildflowers and mountain laurel blended together on a cool mountain breeze continue to inspire, and the activities of a stroll through an ancient forest or the time-honored tradition of a day of fly fishing continue to delight. Since its inception, the Cashiers community has been based largely upon a foundation of Southern Hospitality in celebration of nature’s splendor. You are welcome to enjoy an outdoor concert on the Village Green, explore the gift shops that line the streets of Cashiers’ downtown area, or just sit back, relax and breathe in the unforgettable sights and sounds that surround you.

One more thing … if you want to blend in with the locals, make sure you pronounce Cashiers correctly! Although it looks like the word for a person who rings up your purchase at a store, it is actually pronounced KASH-erz.

Our website and blog provide you with a complete list of restaurants, shoppinggolf courses and much more. We have also provided you a Visitor’s Guide for the entire Cashiers, Highlands, Sapphire, and Lake Glenville area.

Cashiers contains some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Western North Carolina, with distinctive homes amid rich forests, sparkling lakes and expansive mountain views. We invite you to visit Cashiers and fall in love with this one-of-a-kind community, as so many families have done before you.

Communities in Cashiers, North Carolina

Silver Creek Real Estate Group has included below a list of some of Cashiers’ most exciting communities and subdivisions. Contact a Silver Creek broker today to begin your quest for the perfect vacation home, real estate investment or your “heirloom” dream home, a home that will be passed down from generation to generation, in the spirit of the pioneers who first settled here.



Tucked away on heavily wooded lots, with a charming outdoor fireplace at the heart of the community, lie the lovely cottages of Arrowhead. This exclusive gated community is conveniently located at the edge of Cashiers along Highway 107, providing residents with the tranquility that has become synonymous with life in the Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as easy access to the upscale dining and shopping district of Cashiers, North Carolina. Each home is unique, boasting stone accents, vaulted ceilings, oversized screened porches, flexible floor plans and masters on main. The two- and three-bedroom cottages, designed by prominent Carolina architects Meyer-Greeson-Paullin-Benson, are the perfect fit for the dedicated entertainer or the peaceful weekender. The cottages at Arrowhead border the renowned communities of Wade Hampton and Chattooga Club.

View Homes for Sale in Arrowhead
View Land for Sale in Arrowhead

Big Sheepcliff

Set high atop a mountain bearing the same name, the homes at Big Sheepcliff provide some of the most spectacular vistas North Carolina has to offer. This private gated community offers large, secluded lots and a short drive to the fine dining, culture and shopping of Cashiers, presenting its residents with opportunities for the best of both worlds. With nature playing a central role throughout the development, 52 acres of the property have been donated to the North Carolina Nature Conservancy, making this the ideal community for any nature lover. Visit Big Sheepcliff today and enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Glenville, Whiteside Mountain, Terrapin Mountain, and beyond.

View Homes for Sale in Big Sheepcliff
View Land for Sale in Big Sheepcliff

Cedar Creek

Like most communities along the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau, Cedar Creek is rich in history and abundant in prestigious, highly sought-after subdivisions. Subdivisions of Cedar Creek include Cedar Creek Cliffs, Cedar Creek Woods, Cedar Crest, Cedar High, Cedar Hill, Cedar Meadows, Cedar Ridge Estates, Chinquapin, High Hemlock, Laurel Falls, Little Sheepcliff, Mountain Waterfall Estates, Pinnacle Ridge, and Zachary’s Gap. Central to the community lies Cedar Creek Racquet Club, a private tennis club established in 1981, featuring a family-friendly environment for those who choose tennis over North Carolina’s popular sport of golf. Aside from tennis on well-maintained clay courts, Cedar Creek Racquet Club also features Lupton Lake, a state-of-the-art fitness center, hiking trails, racquetball, fishing, canoeing, swimming and so much more. Cedar Creek as a whole is a stunning collection of luxury homes and family farms. Cedar Creek is easily accessible by way of Cedar Creek Road from Highway 107 at Lake Glenville and Highway 64 at Cashiers.

View Homes for Sale in Cedar Creek Cliffs
View Land for Sale in Cedar Creek Cliffs
View Homes for Sale in Cedar Creek Woods
View Land for Sale in Cedar Creek Woods
View Homes for Sale in Cedar Crest
View Land for Sale in Cedar Crest
View Homes for Sale in Cedar Hill
View Land for Sale in Cedar Hill
View Homes for Sale in Cedar Meadows
View Land for Sale in Cedar Meadows
View Homes for Sale in Cedar Ridge Estates
View Land for Sale in Cedar Ridge Estates
View Homes for Sale in Chinquapin
View Land for Sale in Chinquapin
View Homes for Sale in High Hemlock
View Land for Sale in High Hemlock
View Homes for Sale in Laurel Falls
View Land for Sale in Laurel Falls
View Homes for Sale in Little Sheepcliff
View Land for Sale in Little Sheepcliff
View Homes for Sale in Mountain Waterfall Estates
View Land for Sale in Mountain Waterfall Estates
View Homes for Sale in Pinnacle Ridge
View Land for Sale in Pinnacle Ridge
View Homes for Sale in Zachary’s Gap
View Land for Sale in Zachary’s Gap

Cedar Hill

Situated between Cashiers and Sapphire Valley, Cedar Hill is an upscale, gated community offering its residents awe-inspiring views and the very best in luxury mountain living. Whether searching for the latest in elegant mountain construction or a very special lot to call your own, Cedar Hill will not disappoint. An easy hike from your backdoor will lead you to the natural splendor of waterfalls set amongst a backdrop of hardwoods. Be one with nature, but enjoy the modern conveniences of underground utilities available to all home sites and a short drive into town. Residents of Cedar Hill have access to all of the amenities of nearby Wyndham Resort at Fairfield’s Sapphire Valley – including golf, swimming, tennis, health club and much more (see Sapphire Communities for more information).

View Homes for Sale in Cedar Hill
View Land for Sale in Cedar Hill

Chattooga Club

When Rivers Enterprises set out to develop the exclusive gated community of Chattooga Club, they sought to pay homage to the native architecture and cultural heritage of the Western North Carolina region. With an upscale, family-friendly club atmosphere against the backdrop of the beautiful natural scenery of the property’s 200 acres, Chattooga Club offers something for everyone, from quaint cottages to lavish custom homes and estate-sized home sites as large as 14 acres. The Club’s Life Enhancement Center seeks to live up to its name by offering a variety of the latest fitness equipment, high energy aerobics classes and personal trainers, paired with a world-class spa featuring relaxing indulgent offerings like body massage, facials, manicures and pedicures. You may feel like you’ve taken a step back in time to a bygone era when you play on one of two beautifully maintained croquet lawns. Additional Club amenities include three Har-Tru tennis courts, heated swimming pool, fully stocked trout lake, active children’s programs, hiking trails and gourmet dining at The Chattooga Club Lodge. Club membership is by member referral and board approval only.

View Homes for Sale in Chattooga Club
View Land for Sale in Chattooga Club

Chattooga Ridge

“Luxury Condominiums for Discriminating Taste” reads the tagline for Chattooga Ridge. Set at one of the highest elevations on the Plateau, 4,000 feet above sea level, residents of Chattooga Ridge will enjoy cool mountain breezes and remarkable panoramas from over 500 square feet of outdoor living decks year round. The condos average 2,700 square feet of heated indoor living spaces, which include a two-car garage with an elevator to each unit, two fireplaces (one located outdoors on the living deck), 10-foot ceilings and professional grade appliances. Chattooga Ridge offers its residents an uncompromising Cashiers mountain lifestyle.

View Homes for Sale in Chattooga Ridge


With a credo touting “Life as it was meant to be lived … naturally,” the 2,000-acre mountain community of Chinquapin takes their charge very seriously. Homes in Chinquapin are designed to appear as one with the stunning natural landscape. Chinquapin’s sprawling backyard includes 6,600 acres of Panthertown Valley National Forest, featuring miles of winding hiking trails leading to at least eight major waterfalls, and sandy beaches beautifully framed by trees for a relaxing respite by a clear mountain pool.

View Homes for Sale in Chinquapin
View Land for Sale in Chinquapin

Cullasaja Club

Situated in the mountains between Highlands and Cashiers at 4,250 feet above sea level, Cullasaja Club combines luxury living and the ultimate in leisure for a truly one-of-a-kind community. At the heart of this exclusive gated enclave lies a par 72, 18-hole Arnold Palmer golf course, as well as a clubhouse with mixed grill and formal dining room. Cullasaja Club also boasts one hard surface and five lighted clay tennis courts, state-of-the-art fully-staffed fitness and activity center, and canoeing, kayaking or fishing on fully-stocked Lake Ravenal.

View Homes for Sale in Cullasaja Club
View Land for Sale in Cullasaja Club

High Hampton

Some of the most sought after and established neighborhoods in Cashiers can be found in the High Hampton community, bordering the High Hampton Inn and Country Club. Many of these subdivisions are located just south of the Cashiers Crossroads, offering easy access to the unique shops and restaurants that line downtown streets. A collection of upscale High Hampton homes are located along Chattooga Wood Road, Heaton Forest Road and Sheep Laurel Road. High Hampton is not only a fine example of luxury mountain living, but pays tribute to a long tradition of “heirloom” properties – as families tend to return year after year and pass these homes down from generation to generation.

View Homes for Sale in High Hampton
View Land for Sale in High Hampton

High Hampton Inn and Country Club

Rich in history and brimming with Southern hospitality, High Hampton Inn and Country Club has been charming visitors of Western North Carolina since the early 19th century. Beloved mountain retreat of South Carolina’s Civil War Brigadier General, Governor, and U.S. Senator Wade Hampton III (1818-1902), many of the buildings and historic artifacts from the original family estate were lost in a fire in 1932. Construction began almost immediately of a three-story inn in place of the previous Hampton Hunting Lodge. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the inn still stands today, and continues to serve up unrivaled service along with its famous fried chicken and decadent desserts.

With all the natural beauty and outdoor activities available at High Hampton, patrons of the historically accurate rustic Inn will hardly miss the fact that there are no telephones or televisions in the guestrooms. Visitors are invited instead to enjoy swimming, boating and fishing on the 35-acre private mountain lake, as well as golf, tennis, hiking and spa. For more than 175 years, guests of High Hampton have been enjoying grand views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Chimneytop Mountain and Rock Mountain. A wonderful retreat for families and noted for its imaginative children’s programs, High Hampton has been honored as one of 100 Best Family Resorts. Vacation homes and quaint cottages are also available throughout the property’s 1,400 acres. The Inn and Country Club is a favorite spot for corporate retreats, weddings and family reunions.

High Meadows

Just a short three-mile drive from the Cashiers Crossroads, the lovely gated community of High Meadows offers a private enclave of home sites of up to 10 acres in size. Bordered by the stunning beauty of the Nantahala National Forest, with crystal clear views of Whiteside, Terrapin, Sassafras and Black Rock Mountains, High Meadows of Cashiers serves as a quiet refuge for its residents. With community playing a central theme, as it does in many Cashiers communities, a lovely pavilion with outdoor fireplace and picnic area is at the heart of High Meadows. It serves as a perfect gathering place for neighbors or special family events. A network of hiking trails run throughout the neighborhood – ideal for a morning hike, mountain biking, horseback riding or an evening stroll under starry skies.

View Homes for Sale in High Meadows
View Land for Sale in High Meadows

Little Terrapin

Nestled between High Hampton Inn and Wade Hampton Golf Club, Little Terrapin provides spectacular views of the Cashiers valley and close proximity to all that Cashiers has to offer. The Little Terrapin Mountain Summit climbs to an astounding 4,052 feet above sea level, making anyone who is fortunate enough to reside there feel like a veritable “king of the mountain.”

View Homes for Sale in Little Terrapin
View Land for Sale in Little Terrapin

Lonesome Valley

With a history dating back to 1895, Lonesome Valley has served as a bastion to the great outdoors since Pittsburgh entrepreneur E.H. Jennings first acquired 35,000 acres near the sleepy village of Cashiers. Gracefully spanning the valley floor of the largest box canyon east of the Rockies, Lonesome Valley is said by many to be the place where Heaven and Earth meet. Today, with planned activities for residents and amenities such as community gatherings in The Farm House, recreation in The Sports Barn, and relaxation at The Remote Spa, Lonesome Valley is anything but. Cottage and home designs pay homage to the Southern Appalachian farmhouses of a bygone era. Great care is given to preserving the history and natural setting that Lonesome Valley has become famous for.

View Homes for Sale in Lonesome Valley
View Land for Sale in Lonesome Valley

Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club

True to its name, Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club is perched high atop a beautiful expanse of the Blue Ridge Mountains between the popular destinations of Cashiers and Highlands, North Carolina. At 4,000 feet above sea level, Mountaintop offers its residents not only some of the most beautiful views in the region, but also extremely pleasant climates, no matter the season. Set upon a sprawling 731 acres, the developer – Discovery Land Company – has designed a luxury mountain retreat community of just 251 estate lots and 75 cabins and lodges peppered about the property. Lots range in size from one-half acre to five acres, providing residents with the peace and quiet that has become a trademark of luxury mountain living. From a cascading waterfall to a nest of birds high atop a hardwood tree, the sights and sounds of nature surround the community. However, for those who seek more than just peace and quiet, amusing activities abound.

Mountaintop is highly revered for the level of service available to club members through the added benefits of property management and lifestyle concierge services. For the fun lover, Mountaintop offers a Tom Fazio-designed golf course, as well as opportunities for water sports like kayaking, wave running and canoeing at the private Lake Club on nearby Lake Glenville. For the nature lover, Mountaintop offers horseback riding, fly fishing and plenty of trails for hiking and exploring. For those seeking inner peace, a trip to Mountaintop’s world-class spa should do the trick. The possibilities are truly endless.

View Homes for Sale in Mountaintop
View Land for Sale in Mountaintop

Old Edwards Club at Highlands Cove

At a vantage point of 4,700 feet above sea level, homeowners at Old Edwards Club at Highlands Cove will feel as though they’re on top of the world. Situated between the historic mountain villages of Cashiers and Highlands, this master-planned gated community houses 440 acres of some of Western North Carolina’s most stunning terrain. Whether you’re searching for the perfect home site to building that dream home, or considering the easy maintenance of a luxury condominium, Old Edwards Club at Highlands Cove may just be the answer.

Central to Old Edwards’ amenities are the superbly manicured par 71 championship courses of the Highland 9 and the Cove 9. PGA professional instructors are available for private lessons to help residents up their game. The full service, 15,000 square foot Clubhouse at Old Edwards Club complements the Spa and Fitness Center beautifully. In an effort to offer the very best to their residents, the clubhouse and golf course at Old Edwards Club at Highlands Cove is currently undergoing extensive renovation. Plans are also underway for a swim complex to round out the resident’s leisure experience. Old Edwards Club at Highlands Cove offers their homeowners a trifecta of nature, leisure and luxury living.

View Homes for Sale in Highlands Cove
View Land for Sale in Highlands Cove


Named after famed conservationist Gifford Pinchot, this unique 350 acre community was master planned by renowned Carolina designers Seamon Whiteside + Associates. A self-proclaimed “mountain meadowland,” the view from just inside the community’s gates is all blue skies, green trees and the graceful rolling hillsides of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Located just off of Highway 107 near the town of Cashiers, Pinchot offers residents striking multi-million dollar residences and estate-sized home sites ranging in size from two to fourteen acres. Pinchot features several community parks, a common outdoor fireplace overlooking the town of Cashiers and Whiteside, Chimneytop and Rock Mountains. Whiteside Overlook serves as a popular community summerhouse with simply stunning views of Whiteside Mountain. Easy access to both Lake Hurricane and Lake Glenville are available from the community, and many properties include membership in Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club (upon applicant approval).

View Homes for Sale in Pinchot
View Land for Sale in Pinchot

Sheepcliff Crossing and Sheepcliff Woods

Nestled near the Cashiers Crossroads adjacent to the sprawling Big Sheepcliff Community, the twin gated communities of Sheepcliff Crossing and Sheepcliff Woods are relatively small in comparison to some of the expansive communities available along the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau. Both Sheepcliff Crossing and Sheepcliff Woods offer their residents a more private, exclusive experience, ideal for the family seeking the quiet and solitude of life in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Custom homes available within each community reflect an Adirondack style of architecture –  rustic elegance with heavy timber and stone accents – giving one the sense of taking a step back in time.

View Homes for Sale in Sheepcliff Crossing
View Land for Sale in Sheepcliff Crossing
View Homes for Sale in Sheepcliff Woods
View Land for Sale in Sheepcliff Woods

Spring Forest

Perched on the outermost edge of Cashiers and overlooking the Sapphire Valley, Spring Forest is a distinctive gated community offering the best of luxury mountain living along with panoramic vistas of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Many of the custom designed homes in this prestigious neighborhood are architectural masterpieces.

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Wade Hampton Golf Club

Named for South Carolina’s Civil War Brigadier General, Governor and U.S. Senator Wade Hampton III (1818-1902), Wade Hampton Golf Club was built upon 600 acres of land parceled from the historic High Hampton grounds near Cashiers in 1984.

Photo use with exclusive permission of Wade Hampton Golf Club

Now celebrating a quarter of a century as one of Western North Carolina’s most sought after luxury communities, Wade Hampton Golf Club features an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Tom Fazio. The Wade Hampton Course has received accolades since its inception, including a #1 ranking in GolfWeek Magazine for Best Residential Golf Course in 2009 and recognition as the highest ranked course in North Carolina in Golf Digest Magazine’s “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses” in 2007. The course was also recently honored with a ranking of #54 of the Top 100 Courses in the World!

In keeping with a Club of such high stature, the Wade Hampton clubhouse offers beautiful views of the golf course and Chimneytop Mountain, as well as world-class dining. Tennis, swimming, fishing and hiking throughout the beautiful natural setting that surrounds the course are just a few of the other activities available at Wade Hampton. Membership to this exclusive club is by invitation only. The residences that line the narrow lanes of Wade Hampton Golf Club under a canopy of trees rest on lots ranging from one quarter to over five acres in size, and vary from quaint mountain cottages to palatial estates.

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Wildcat Cliffs Country Club

Nestled at the base of the north face of Whiteside Mountain, Wildcat Cliffs Country Club was built to accommodate those with both discerning taste and a love of the natural splendor found on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau. Situated between the resort villages of Cashiers and Highlands, there are plenty of activities and amenities to keep residents within the gates of this private membership club. Built on the highest elevation of the Plateau, the Wildcat Cliffs Golf Course – designed by noted golf course architect, George W. Cobb – offers plenty of challenges, as well as incredible views.

Central to the community, the 21,000 square foot clubhouse features a fabulous dining room with cathedral ceilings, lounge and bar area, outdoor terrace overlooking the putting green and pro golf shop. Other amenities include an indoor pool kept at a comfortable 84 degrees year round, a 12-foot-wide stacked stone hot tub strategically placed next to a roaring fire in the cooler months, a fully staffed and equipped Fitness and Activity Centre, a lakeside pavilion and picnic area, three Har-Tru tennis courts, and exclusive Glenville Lake Club. Wildcat Cliffs provides a family-friendly environment to all of its residents and promotes camaraderie amongst its Club members. It is everything a country club should be – “a club based on personal relationships and shared affinities.”

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View Land for Sale in Wildcat Cliffs


Christmas House comes to Cashiers, Sapphire and Highlands, NC

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High atop the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the happy little elves of the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau are busy making plans to deck the halls for the region’s First-Annual Christmas House. Hosted at the site of the former Library Restaurant in the heart of Sapphire Valley, proceeds from the Christmas House will benefit the Village Green — a sprawling 12-acre community park in downtown Cashiers. This inaugural holiday event is sponsored by Silver Creek Real Estate Group — whose founder, Jochen Lucke, serves as the chairman of the Board of the Village Green.

Says Lucke, “2011 has been a very busy year for the Village Green. We played host to over 50 wonderful events — from private affairs such as birthday parties and weddings to public events like craft shows, outdoor concerts, and the Leaf Festival, which drew thousands of visitors to the area this fall. What better way to end the year than with an event dedicated to community and holiday cheer?”

The Christmas House will be magically transformed into an elegant holiday home furnished and decorated by local interior designers and merchants. Touring room after room filled with home décor items, sweet treats, live music, and the Jolly Old Elf himself will prove a terrific way to get into the holiday spirit while viewing the work of these talented folks and checking some items off of one’s gift list.

“We hope the Christmas House becomes a tradition that locals and visitors alike will look forward to attending,” states Lucke. “All of the proceeds from the event will support the continued maintenance and operation of the Village Green.

A wonderful asset to the area, we continue to make much needed improvements to the Village Green, which most recently included the chip and sealing of the parking lot at the Village Green Commons. All of these improvements are paid for by fundraising efforts, private grants, and donations to the Village Green. We receive no funds from local and state government, so our fundraising and continued generosity of visitors is crucial.” The house will be open starting Nov. 25 to Dec. 18, on Friday and Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday 11-4. For additional information, please call 828-743-1999.


Silver Creek Real Estate Group is Proud to Announce the Launch of NC Living Magazine

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Cashiers-based Company Shines a Bright Spotlight on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau With the Debut of a New Lifestyle Publication

The month of March, already synonymous with the celebration of one of the world’s most beloved holidays and the advent of springtime, now has another exciting event to add to its roster – the debut of NC Living Magazine. Designed to serve as a lifestyle publication, this magazine highlights properties available in the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau region of Western North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains while outlining many of the people, places and things that make life in this area so unique. The premiere issue includes articles about featured retailer Rusticks Furniture & Accessories, featured communities such as Chattooga Club, Mountaintop Golf and Lake Club, and Wade Hampton Golf Club. The magazine also includes tips for increasing the marketability of your home, spotlight on Western North Carolina’s Waterfalls, calendar of events, highlights about some of the area’s finest communities and available properties, and so much more.

Publisher of NC Living Magazine and owner of the Cashiers-based Silver Creek Real Estate Group, Jochen Lucke feels the magazine serves a number of purposes. “First and foremost, NC Living Magazine shines a light on this one-of-a-kind corner of the world nestled high atop the Mountains of Western North Carolina,” explains Jochen. “It provides a sneak peek to people who haven’t discovered us yet, and serves as a reminder to those who may have been here before and are looking for a reason to return. Between the natural beauty of the region and the world-class amenities, restaurants, shopping and resorts – there’s no shortage of great topics to highlight each issue. Secondly, the Magazine is a terrific platform to showcase some of the finest homes and land available on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau – from a rolling hillside overlooking the 10th hole of one of the best mountain golf courses in the world to an exquisite estate on 65-acres along the shores of beautiful Lake Glenville. NC Living seeks to give folks a reason to come visit, as well as a reason to STAY. We’re big believers in the magic and distinctiveness that can only be found in our little slice of Heaven. Lastly, NC Living Magazine serves as an incredibly valuable tool for both my company, Silver Creek Real Estate Group and the clients we serve who may be looking to buy or sell a home in the area.”

Future issues of NC Living Magazine will continue to illustrate the exceptional quality of life on the mountain, while unveiling some of the area’s most stunning properties. To subscribe to future issues of NC Living Magazine, visit www.ncliving.com. If you are considering buying or selling a home in Highlands, Cashiers, Sapphire Valley or Lakes Toxaway or Glenville – Silver Creek’s talented and experienced brokers invite you to contact them TODAY. Jochen and his team can be reached by calling 828.743.1999, by e-mailing info@ncliving.com, or by filling out a helpful online contact form– and someone will be in touch with you shortly. You are also welcome to drop by Silver Creek’s offices in the heart of the historic village of Cashiers in the Shoppes at CreekSide. The brokers at Silver Creek Real Estate Group look forward to meeting you and your family, and are eager to introduce you to the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau.


Western North Carolina Golf Courses Recognized Among Best in the World

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Cashiers’ Own Wade Hampton and Mountaintop Golf Courses Make the Lists of Top 100 Golf Courses in the World 2011 and Golfweek’s Best Residential Courses 2011

The word is out – the world is finally discovering that Cashiers, North Carolina is filled with all sorts of hidden gems! Already well-known for our temperate year-round climates, breath-taking mountain views, eclectic collection of shops and restaurants, and unique brand of Southern Hospitality – what many are now learning is that our golf courses rank up there with some of the finest in the nation!

Just last week, a ranking site out of the United Kingdom – Top 100 Golf Courses of the World –  released their list for 2011. Their original shortlist consisted of 216 courses from countries all over the world, including The United States of America, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, France and more. In the end, New Jersey’s famed Pine Valley Golf Club walked away with top honors, the renowned Augusta National in Georgia ranked #3, and Cashiers’ own Wade Hampton Golf Club was recognized among the best courses in the world at a highly respectable #52.

Wade Hampton Golf Club in Cashiers NC

Wade Hampton has been honored once again by the recent release of Golfweek Magazine’s Best Residential Courses earlier this month. Wade Hampton Golf Club was listed as #3 in a list consisting of 100 national courses stretching from Kiawah Island, South Carolina in the East all the way to Carmel Valley, California in the West. Topping the list is another highly esteemed Cashiers golf course – Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club – at #1!

Whether you’re a scratch golfer or an avid hacker, Silver Creek Real Estate Group welcomes the opportunity to introduce you to these two fine communities in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Celebrating a quarter of a century as one of Western North Carolina’s most sought after luxury communities, Wade Hampton Golf Club features an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Tom Fazio. The Wade Hampton Course has received accolades since its inception. In keeping with a Club of such high stature, the Wade Hampton clubhouse offers beautiful views of the golf course and Chimneytop Mountain, as well as world-class dining. Tennis, swimming, fishing and hiking throughout the beautiful natural setting that surrounds the course are just a few of the other activities available to residents and club members at Wade Hampton. Membership to this exclusive club is by invitation only. The residences that line the narrow lanes of Wade Hampton Golf Club under a canopy of trees rest on lots ranging from one quarter to over five acres in size, and vary from quaint mountain cottages to palatial estates.

General Store at Mountaintop Golf and Lake Club in Cashiers NC

On the other hand, a relatively new kid on the block – Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club – is quickly growing in popularity and reputation as one of the most superb communities the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau has to offer.  Perched high atop a beautiful expanse of the Blue Ridge Mountains at 4,000 feet above sea level, Mountaintop offers its residents some of the most stunning views in the region. Set upon a sprawling 731 acres, the developer – Discovery Land Company – has designed a luxury mountain retreat community of just 251 estate lots and 75 cabins and lodges peppered about the property. Lots range in size from one-half acre to five acres, providing residents with the peace and quiet that has become a trademark of luxury mountain living. Mountaintop also offers a Tom Fazio-designed golf course that is every bit as challenging as it is breathtaking. Other activities available to residents of Mountaintop include water sports at the private Lake Club on nearby Lake Glenville, horseback riding, fly fishing,hiking or simply relaxing while being pampered at Mountaintop’s world-class spa.

To schedule a personalized tour of one or both of these wonderful mountain golf course communities, call the experienced team of brokers at Silver Creek Real Estate Group TODAY at 828.743.1999. We can also be reached by e-mailing us at info@ncliving.com or by filling out our helpful online contact form. As always, we welcome the chance to meet you and your family in person – and invite you to drop by our offices the next time you are in Cashiers.  We’re located in the Shoppes at CreekSide, near the Cashiers Crossroads. If you’d like to learn more about Silver Creek Real Estate Group, Wade Hampton Golf Club, and/or Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club, please visit the Silver Creek website at www.ncliving.com.


Lake Toxway water level lowered for maintenance

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Lake Toxaway News: What Goes Down Will Come Up

On November 29, the water levels of Lake Toxaway will be lowered for the first time since 1990. An estimated drop of 6 to 7 feet will allow community property owners to perform repairs to seawalls, docks, and boathouses. During this time, the Lake Toxaway Community Association will also dredge out silt that has collected in parts of the popular man-made Appalachian lake. Other goals of the scheduled drawdown include:

• Gaining insight into the effectiveness of prior silt dredging efforts
• Studying the sources of silting to possibly prevent a repeat performance in the future
• Improving fish habitats
• Removal of weeds growing in shallow areas of the lake
• “Turning” the lake to improve the water quality
• Documentation of exposed lake bed, lake lowering procedures and environmental conditions throughout the drawdown
• Removal of tree stumps and rocks to increase safety of the lake
• Create work for local contractors

The Association will begin restoring water to the lake in February 2011, with the intention of having lake levels return to normal sometime in March to prepare for the busy Spring and Summer seasons in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Situated at around 3,000 feet above sea level, Lake Toxaway offers 14 miles of shoreline and a wealth of opportunities for water-themed activities.  The beautiful 614-acre mountain lake offers the best of both worlds with amazing views of the mountains and lakefront living, and is home to some of the area’s most sought after communities. First established as an elite lakeside retreat in the early 1900’s by Pittsburgh entrepreneur E.H. Jennings, Lake Toxaway continues to draw visitors year after year. Its status as the largest privately held lake in North Carolina makes it a peaceful and serene sanctuary high atop the Blue Ridge Mountains.

To learn more about Lake Toxaway and the communities that surround her, contact the talented team of brokers at Silver Creek Real Estate Group. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you and your family to one of the crown jewels of the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau, and can be reached by calling 828-743-1999, by e-mailing info@ncliving.com, by filling out our convenient online form, or by dropping by our offices – conveniently located in the heart of Cashiers, in the Shoppes at CreekSide. We invite you to sneak a peek at some of the communities which feature listings for available homes and properties on our comprehensive website, www.ncliving.com.

Source: Todd, Mark. The Transylvania Times “Lake’s Level to Fall to Allow for Repairs” Online. November 16, 2010.


The Cliffs communities in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Carolinas

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Country Club Living in one of The Carolina’s Finest Luxury Mountain Community Collections

Peppered throughout the Carolina Preserve – between Asheville, North Carolina and Glenville, South Carolina – and surrounded by over one million acres of pristine protected parklands lies a collection of master-planned luxury communities known as The Cliffs. Founded on a combined theme of family togetherness, holistic wellness and the reverence of nature’s splendor, The Cliffs is quickly gaining favor as one of the Southeast’s leading networks of mountain retreats. Comprised of eight distinctive communities, each Cliffs’ property offers a true taste of what luxury mountain living is all about:

The Cliffs at Walnut Cove – Located near Asheville, NC and bordered by “America’s Favorite Drive” the Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest, The Cliffs at Walnut Cove features multi-million dollar homes and home sites encircled by picturesque meadows, ancient forests, and tranquil mountain streams. Perhaps one of the Carolina’s most beautiful gated golf communities, Walnut Cove offers its residents a vibrant Club Village at the heart of the community, a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, and 18,000-square-foot Wellness Center and a Nature Center.
The Cliffs at High Carolina – Nestled at the edge of the Pisgah National Forest, near Asheville, NC, The Cliffs at High Carolina boasts high mountain meadows as the staging area for their estates and estate-sized home sites and the first golf course to be designed by the renowned Tiger Woods. Wholly inspired by the natural setting in which it is placed, the developers of High Carolina are dedicated to the preservation of that “delicate balance” between their community and the pristine waterfalls, natural mountain streams and rolling landscapes that surround it. Offering the “life you’ve always imagined for yourself and your family”, High Carolina offers a wide-range of year-round activities and amenities.
The Cliffs at Glassy – Perched at the edge of the Greenville Watershed at Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway 11, The Cliffs at Glassy is high on a mountaintop at an elevation of 3,200 feet above sea level offering breath-taking vistas of the world below. The first Cliffs community, Glassy set the bar rather high for all subsequent Cliffs properties to follow. Surrounding by a dense forest of fragrant mountain laurel and Carolina hardwoods, Glassy features a Tom Jackson golf course that has been named the Fourth Most Scenic in the Nation by Golf Digest Magazine. Other amenities include a Wellness Center, Chapel, Covered Sunset Pavilion and 22,000 square foot clubhouse offering both formal and casual dining.
The Cliffs at Mountain Park – Situated near the North Carolina/South Carolina border at the crossroads of Scenic Highway 11 and Highway 25, The Cliffs at Mountain Park is nothing short of a true mountain classic. At the leading edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mountain Park encompasses 5,000 acres of breath-taking terrain surrounded by thousands of acres of protected forests, including not one – but 14 state parks, three national forests and a national park. Inside the gates, the community features a Gary Player Signature Course, a European-inspired Village, an extensive SuperTrail system, botanical gardens, an Organic Farm and Nature Center.
The Cliffs Valley – Tucked in a peaceful valley at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the exquisitely designed estates and amenities of The Cliffs Valley seem perfectly natural among gently rolling hills and lush forests. Featuring a Ben Wright-designed Parkland-style golf course that was named among the “Best New Courses” in the nation at its inception by Golf Digest, The Valley also boasts a gorgeous Old World European-style Clubhouse offering gourmet market and both formal and informal dining, and the Cliffs’ most expansive wellness facility where homeowners can enjoy everything from a challenging workout in the CardioTheater to a relaxing massage at the spa.
The Cliffs at Keowee – Pristinely placed in three phases surrounding beautiful Lake Keowee, The Cliffs at Keowee offers the best of both worlds – mountain and lakeside living. Fed by hundreds of Appalachian clear-spring streams, the 18,500-acre lake at the heart of all three gated communities offers a full-service private marina, lakeside dining, and a lakeside wellness center. Members also receive access to the adjacent Lake Jocassee, featuring 7,500 additional acres for the exploring – including a majestic 200-foot waterfall. The three communities that make up The Cliffs at Keowee include The Cliffs at Keowee Springs?, The Cliffs at Keowee Falls? and The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards?. Keowee Springs will be home to America’s first luxury family Wellness Center – The Keowee Springs Lodge and Spa. Springs also features a Tom Fazio-designed golf course, a state-of-the-art International Golf Institute and a full-service marina. Keowee Falls provides its residents with an array of either lakefront, golf course or mountain view homesites. The Falls’ features a Jack Nicklaus-designed course which was named by Golfweek Magazine as one of the Top 50 Best New Courses in 2008. The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards is also home to an 18-hole Tom Fazio golf course – this one nominated as Best New Private Course in the Nation by Golf Digest. Homes and homesites in Keowee Vineyards offer stunning mountain-lake views.

Considered to be America’s Best Private Club Membership, membership at any one of the Cliff’s communities affords their members access to the world-class amenities at all eight properties, as well as . Combined amenities include eight championship golf courses (including two Jack Nicklaus signature golf courses, two Tom Fazio designs, and Tiger Woods’ debut as a course designer), spectacular clubhouses and restaurants, standard-setting Wellness Programs, Spa Facilities, an Organic Farm, an Equestrian Center, Marinas, over 250- acres of parks and 25 miles of groomed trails inside the gates and more. No wonder Resort Living Magazine touted membership at the Cliffs as “one of the most impressive, comprehensive private club memberships in the world”! At The Cliffs, this isn’t just living… “this is panoramic living”.

With a solid reputation for excellence while representing multi-million dollar properties in exceptional master-planned communities throughout Western North Carolina including Wade Hampton, Mountaintop, and Old Edwards Club at Highlands Cove, Silver Creek Real Estate Group has proven itself to be an excellent match as a real estate partner for The Cliffs. If you are interested in taking your family’s life to entirely new heights and wish to take a peek at life behind the gates of any one of the Cliffs stellar communities, contact the dedicated team of real estate professionals and brokers at Silver Creek Real Estate Group. Getting started on this new pursuit towards panoramic living is as easy as calling 828.743.1999, e-mailing info@ncliving.com, or filling out Silver Creek’s online contact form. If you’re in the Cashiers’ area, please feel free to stop by Silver Creek’s offices in the Shoppes at CreekSide, conveniently located next to Wendy’s Restaurant in Cashiers. Silver Creek looks forward to introducing you and your family to The Cliffs!


September 2010 – Plateau Pursuits

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As the last days of Summer give way to Fall later this month, and our heads start to fill with happy thoughts of Fall Festivals, the seasonal change of leaves and the first hints of fall’s chill – the focus of event calendars all along the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau turn to art, antiques and the quiet celebration of nature. With school back in full swing, this may be the perfect time to steal away for a leisurely weekend in the mountains featuring fun at your own pace – touring the shops, dining at one of dozens of fine restaurants, attending an arts & crafts show, learning about the creatures we share this planet with, or discovering all of the wonderful things that make this little corner of the world so unique. If peace and relaxation are what you seek, this is the place to be. The friendly folks at Silver Creek Real Estate Group look forward to seeing YOU up on the mountain in September!

September 1- 5: 13th Annual Cashiers Designer Showhouse – Whisper Fade at Wade Hampton Golf Club in Cashiers, NC. Proceeds benefit Cashiers Historical Society. CHS Museum will be open daily for tours, and the event will include the exquisite work of a number of local and regional designers, Showhouse Shops, Merchants Tent and Lunch from Café 107 will be served daily at the Dowden Pavilion. Hours: Monday through Saturday – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday – 1 to 4 p.m.  General admission is $25/person. Tickets will be available for purchase at the Showhouse or in advance by calling (828) 743-7710. For further information, visit cashiershistoricalsociety.org.

September 1: Final days of Highlands Gala of the Arts at Old Edwards Inn & Spa Executive Conference Center – Artist Presentation – Milburn Riley 10-10:30 a.m. & 2-2:30 p.m. in the Williams Executive Board Room. Art Displays will be available for viewing in the Trillium, Hemlock & Laurel Rooms.  For more information, please call 404.542.2773.

September 1: Final days of Highlands Gala of the Arts at Old Edwards Inn & Spa Executive Conference Center – Benefit Auction of Art – 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Literacy Council of Highlands. For more information, please call 404.542.2773.

September 4: Mountain Tail Waggers Walk & Pet Fest at Pine Street in Highlands – 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. – hosted by the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society. Silver Creek Real Estate Group is a proud sponsor of this event. Our own Dan Allen is a member of the Board of Directors for the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society.

September 4: The Highlands Performing Arts Center presents Robert Ray’s Big Band Show
1 Night Only! Turn back the clock to the fabulous 40’s and enjoy the authentic sounds of a 10- piece Swing Band. 7:30 p.m. – All Seats just $30. For more information visit www.highlandspac.com or call 828-526-9047.

September 4-Oct. 5: Summit One Gallery presents Betty Foy Botts New Abstracts Exhibition “Narratives”. For more information, call 828-526-2673.

September 4 & 5: Village Square Art & Craft Show at Pine Street Park in Highlands – 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday. Featuring some of the most talented regional artisans around selling fine art, folk art, jewelry, rustic furniture and birdhouses, pottery, fabric art and clothing, baskets and more. For more information, contact show organizer Cynthia Strain at Mill Creek Gallery & Framing at 828)787-2021.

September 4 & 5: Cashiers Rotary Club Arts & Crafts Festival – Village Green in Cashiers – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. – Rain or Shine.

September 5: Sapphire Valley Concert on the Slopes – 7 p.m. – featuring Tuxedo Junction. Tickets are available now at the SV Community Center. $20.00 when purchased in advance, $25.00 at the gate. Kids 14 & under are $10.00. For more information, call 828.743.7663.

September 7-9: Fall Style Week at Old Edwards Inn & Spa – Fall Garden Party & Entertaining Seminar at The Farm 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, 9/7 – $75 Per Person – Begin with a champagne welcome and culinary presentation by Old Edward’s own Chef Johannes Klapdohr. Enjoy a delicious garden-party luncheon surrounded by the stunning beauty of The Farm. Kirk Moore of Oakleaf will join Joe Extine of Acorn’s Boutique for a demonstration of how to make your fall parties beautiful, colorful and magical with the right tablescapes and creative florals. Special samples, recipes and garden-party gift packs will be available. Call 828-787-2625 for tickets and information. Complimentary Fall Wellness Expo at the Spa Courtyard 1 to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, 9/8 – Learn the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture with Kim Bonsteel. Get a free personal demonstration of ear acupuncture, which is helpful in: Stimulating the para sympathetic nervous system to create the relaxation response and reinforcing will power and decision making. Get a free scalp analysis with a scope which magnifies the scalp and hair follicle 400% and reveals what your hair really needs or does not need. Richard Brown from Phyto Botanical Hair Products will conduct the analysis and share samples of Phyto products. Enjoy a free Franche makeover by a professional make up artists and free 10 minute chair massages to promote relaxation and circulation as well as releave tension in the back, neck and shoulders. All participants will receive a 10% discount on all retail products purchased and on spa services booked during the Wellness Expo. Fall Fashion Show with Lunch by Executive Chef Johannes Klapdohr at the Rooftop Terrace 1 pm to 3 pm – Tickets are $35 for fashion show, lunch and a champagne arrival. Acorn’s Boutique debuts its spectacular array of fall designer fashions for women of all ages and body types. View this seasons hottest styles from designers like Covelo Clothing, Planet Clothing and Marissa Baratelli. Also featured will be beautiful fall accessories by Bijouz deMer Jewelry and Elizabeth Locke Jewelry, including the new stylish selection of handbags. Cash Bar. Limited Seating. Call 828-787-2625 for tickets and information.

September 10: Groovin’ on the Green – Free Outdoor Concert Series at the Village Green in Cashiers.

September 11: Old Edwards Inn & Spa PAR 5K and Pancake Breakfast – 8 to 11 a.m. – benefits the Literacy Council of Highlands.

September 11: 3rd Annual Highlands Motoring Festival – This fun, family oriented event is a must for the vintage car enthusiast who wants to show or just to browse great cars from the past. Come for the day or the weekend – you’ll be glad you did!  Featuring the Bridgestone Tire F-1 Racing Simulator –  see if you have what it takes to be a pro race driver.   Public admission is FREE!   Registration opens at 7:30 a.m. and event ends at 4 p.m.  For more information, visit www.highlandsmotoringfestival.com/page1.php.

September 11: 5th Annual Songwriters in the Round Concert – High Hampton Inn Pavilion – 6 to 9:30 p.m. Heavy appetizers, wine and beer served from 6 to 7:30, with the concert beginning at 7:30 p.m.  Proceeds benefit the Blue Ridge School Education Foundation. Tickets are $65/person.  For more information, contact 828-399-0651.

September 12: Bel Canto – This once a year “grand opera” event is celebrating 18 years with a recital at the Martin-Lipscomb Performing Arts Theater at 4 p.m., followed by an elegant dinner at the Highlands Country Club. Proceeds from the Gala are used to purchase works of art for The Bascom’s permanent collection and to enhance the music programs at the Highlands School and the Highlands Community Child Development Center. For more information about the event, call Bel Canto’s organizers directly at 828.526.1947

September 13: BEARS – Presented by the Highlands Plateau Audubon Society at the Highlands Civic Center. Program featuring a presentation by Appalachian Bear Rescue from Townsend, Tennessee. Light refreshments will begin at 7 p.m. followed by the program at 7:30. No charge to participate but donations to Appalachian Bear Rescue are invited.

September 17: Groovin’ on the Green – Free Outdoor Concert Series at the Village Green in Cashiers.

September 18: Fall Migrants – Presented by the Highlands Plateau Audubon Society at the Highlands Biological Station. Field Trip to Highlands Biological Station and Sunset Rocks to study fall migrants. Meet at the public parking area next to the town hall at 7:30 a.m. For additional information call Brock Hutchins at 828-787-1387. No charge to participate.

September 22: First official day of FALL!!!!

September 22: Highlands Cashiers Land Trust – Village Nature Series at the Village Green in Cashiers. A presentation by Michael Skinner regarding “Hunters of the Sky”. FREE admission. 6 p.m.  No reservations required – all are welcome.

September 23: Highlands Audobon Society presents the Blue Ridge Parkway Field Trip to study fall migrants. We will return mid-afternoon so bring a light picnic lunch. Meet at the public parking area next to the town hall at 7:00 a.m. For additional information call Brock Hutchins at 828-787-1387. There is no charge to participate.

September 24: Groovin’ on the Green – Free Outdoor Concert Series at the Village Green in Cashiers, featuring The Honeycutters.

September 24-26: 6th Annual Highlands Playhouse Antique Show at the Highlands Recreation Center – Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday Noon to 5 p.m.  High quality antiques presented by vendors from all around the world. Advance tickets available by calling 828-526-2695

September 28: Highlands Cashiers Land Trust presents their latest Eco Tour “Elk Excursion” – Free to HCLT members, $35 for new friends includes lunch and a membership! Call 828-526-1111 or email julie.hitrust@earthlink.net for details.